response sent from server but client won't render it


I have a list of items to show. I would like to do that in two ways. One way is to show it in a custom components contained in VerticalLayout and the other one is to show it in Table. I have two buttons that i use to switch between these two views. Button that I use for showing table view just replaces part of the page (VerticalLayout) with table that uses the same model.

Everything works fine when I deploy it on my machine. Everything works fine when I deploy on a server in my local network. But when I deploy it on a remote server there is a problem.

When I click on a button to show a table nothing happens. Then when I click on a link in a component that should be replaced I get out of sync … It is obvious that state changed on server but failed to do so on a client. I used TCP/IP monitor in eclipse to see what is going on and found out that server sent the response as it should but it never got rendered on client.

Everything else works fine. This is the only place where table is used. It doesn’t depend on browser (checked with firefox and chrome). I don’t know exactly which network appliances there are between me and a server but why would they cause problems only with table. Server is aware of its local address which is different from address I use to access it. Don’t think that could be a problem. Is table special in any way?

I would appreciate if anyone could help me with an idea how to investigate this strange behaviour.

I have never had this kind of problem, but from what I gathered from the forums here are some points to start :

  • if the server is clustered and/or has a load balancer, you will need sticky sessions
  • if the server is google app engine, you need to change a few things as per the book