Respecting the LICENSE terms

Hi all,

if I just bundle all of the Vaadin *.jars into my final .war file, and if I’m not going to modify the Vaadin code in any way, what do I exactly have to do to respect Vaadin’s license terms?
I already give credit to Vaadin into my “About application” page. Is there anything else? Do I have to include a LICENSE.Vaadin file into the src tree?

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if you mean just the Vaadin framework JAR files and none of the commercial pro tools, the licensing is very liberal (Apache 2 license). You can find the whole license text at

As for your question: Vaadin framework JAR files work as a part of your project like any other Apache 2 -licensed library, so no, you do not need to do anything else. In fact you don’t even need to give credit anywhere unless you want to.

If you use commercial pro tools, they are distributed under either AGPL or a CVAL license. You can find more info at


Thanks a lot for your reply!