ResourceBundle caching


What I’m trying:

I’ve got a TreeTable. In this TreeTable i can create new Entries by right-clicking in it.
That works fine.

Everytime i create a new entry i generate a Properties file like this one:

category_1 = Test
category_2 = Test2
category_3 = Helloooo

My Problem:

ResourceBunde or Vaadin caches my data.

If i create a new entry, clear my browser cache, reload the page, make a new entry, delete my browser cache, reload the page i just see the first entry.
The second entry throws an Exception ( MissingResourceException ).

When i change the data in my Properties file and reload the page it also just shows the old cached data.

What i tried to solve the problem:

        Locale currentLocale = new Locale("en", "US");
        ResourceBundle bundle = ResourceBundle.getBundle( "properties", currentLocale );

But “clearCache” does not seem to change anything.

Can anyone tell me what to try ? :frowning:

Thank you!