ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded

Hi. I just experienced an error in my vaadin app when I use the button to hide/show the menu bar:
ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded (http://localhost:8080/home:0:0)
Can someone give me a hint about how to find the cause of this and how to fix it? I am using Vaadin flow and didnt change any js files.

Probably undefined behavior caused by using setVisible instead of creating new instances. But you could also try to define a width on your menubar like 100%

do you mean js code or java code ? I have not used setVisible as far as my search says. And I didnt touch the javascript files

How do you show/hide the menubar if not with setVisible? :sweat_smile:

I’m talking pure Java

well vaadin does this for me :slightly_smiling_face: i am just working on my java classes. i hope i didnt touch any flow files i didnt want to change…

i generated the vaadin app with the wizzard and worked from there

the only thing i tried to change was maybe or css files

The sentence “I use a button to hide/show the menu” is of interest here

this default button with 3 lines

close and open the menu (minimize it to left)

So you are not talking about the menubar, you are talking about the app layout and the default minimize / open button?

ah yes maybe thats the correct name. yes i have the app layout :face_with_peeking_eye: sorry


Can’t really help with that, sorry :grimacing: I’m not using it

yes that one

ah damn :slightly_smiling_face: ok

:slightly_smiling_face: thanks anyways!

Idea so that this thread doesn’t get lost: add a (unresolved) in front of the headline - so that other people still take it look at it instead of thinking “a lot of replies, could be fixed”