Resizeable Dialog with fixed Header and Footer and vertical scrollable cont

I tried to create a resizeable dialog using a flex layout with flex-direction column, inside a horizontal layout for header, a vertical layout with flex auto and overflow-y scroll in the middle and a horizontal layout for the footer. The layout acts as it should when added to the body, it resizes and scrolls the middle part if needed.

When I try to put this Layout onto a resizeable Dialog the middle part always takes the height it needs (instead of be scrollable), the resizing of the Dialog does not affect the size of the flex layout and the dialog itself gets a scrollbar if content it to large.

Is there some advice how to create a resizeable dialog with the desired behaviour?

Thank you, Tom

PS Vaadin 14.3.0
PPS Is this Issue related to my problem?

Perhaps you can check this example.

It’s an example for a dialog with header + footer + scrollable content. There is one bug in Safari. But for the other browser it should work.