Reset zoom manually in Vaadin Charts

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when changing the DataSeriesItems of a chart, the axes are only auto adjusted when there was no zoom. When the user zoomed in previously, the selected zoom is still active, even though there is maybe no data shown anymore for this range. I think this behaviour is reasonable, but I don’t know how to reset zoom manually when updating the DataSeriesItems of the chart. Anyone has an idea?

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If you have defined min and max for your axes then you are able to set extremes to those initial values.

Similar to how it’s done in
Dynamic Extremes Demo

Remember that if you have multiple axes then you’ll need to set extremes to all of them depending on your zoom direction configuration.

Thank you for your suggestion. To be honest, that is not what I intend to do. I would prefer to keep automatic scaling, but be able to reset zoom (like “Reset zoom” button does) on a specific event.

I understand, that would be a good feature, you can request the enhancement in

I added a enhancement request in trac

The ticket was fixed and released in Vaadin Charts 3.2.0

Wow, this is really great support!

Thank You!