Reset Password using url

Hello All,

We are trying to reset the password using specified url given to user. URL will be identified by application and lands on reset password page. (user is not logged in).
When i click on url, page opens up and displays the error of session timeout. If i click on that error i am able to change the password.

But now, if i open new tab and entered the given url, UI looks distrubed in new window few buttons are duplicated etc. These issues have seen.

Does any one know how to reset password using url in vaadin, Let us know.

If you have trouble with other tabs it can be due to 2 things :

  • You didn’t add support for multi tab. To fix this check
    this part of the book
    , it has also samples for redirecting to specific pages depending on URL but it seems you got this part working already.
  • You have static/singleton/shared instances. This may cause lots of troubles, check
    this part of the book
    to see how to get it to work right.