replicating sample description window in sampler

Is there an easy way of replicate the Look and Feel of the sampler description window?
For example you can see it by following:

Its a pretty cool UI.

Hi Doug,

You could copy styles used to theme the description Panel of the sampler:

.v-app-SamplerApplication .feature-info {
	background: #1e2123 url(info-bubble-bg.png) repeat-y;
	color: #b8bbbe;
	font-family: arial, helvetica, verdana, sans-serif;
	font-size: 12px;
	line-height: 19px;
.v-mac .v-app-SamplerApplication .feature-info {
	font-family: helvetica, arial, verdana, sans-serif;
.v-app-SamplerApplication .feature-info div.v-link a {
	font-size: 11px;
	line-height: 18px;
	margin-left: 28px;
// ... etc. etc.

Best regards,

ok thank you. Simple enough. :slight_smile: