Replacement for Animator Disclosure (panel) for Vaadin 8 (compatibility wit

What’s my best bet in trying to migrate from V7 to V8 (using the compatibility libraries for now) so that I can make use of the older V6 Animator class for org.vaadin.jouni.animator.Disclosure? I am currently building on Vaadin 8.7.2.

I don’t think that class even made it to the version 2 of this add-on.

I was able to compile the older version of the animator add-on Disclosure, but it’s not working (the arrows change, and it shows a tiny portion of some content, others not at all) as it did under V7.

Is there anything like Disclosure that’s Vaadin built-in these days, or perhaps some other technique? I don’t really need animation as much as I need a Disclosure panel so I can hide bulky stuff behind a simple arrow/link that opens/closes to show that content.