Repaint Custom Component/Addon

I’ve looked in the forum but I’m still unclear on this issue of repainting. I have a ComboBox, a Stepper (org.vaadin.risto.stepper.IntStepper), and a Button on a layout. When I click the Button, I want the ComboBox to return to its default setting (null) and the IntStepper to return to value 0 from whatever values the user set them to. The ComboBox complies with the ClickListener’s buttonClick() call to setValue(null), but the call on the IntStepper to setValue(0) has no effect. The IntStepper remains in the GUI at whatever the user set it to. Calls to requestRepaint and markAsDirty don’t help, nor does setImmediate(true).

Thank you for any help. I have been using Vaadin for one month now. It’s nice! Reminds me of Swing.


seems to me that there is some kind of bug in the Stepper addon. Please file a bug in its issue tracker at github: