Rendering problems with chrome and german umlauts


when our customers use Google Chrome a zoom level of 110% or below the uppercase german umlauts ÄÖÜ are not displayed in the label of Vaadin components.

I tested around a bit and found out that the css rule [part='label'] with line-height: 1 is responsibe for that. Is there a way to increase line-height slightly (even 1.05 will do) for all Vaadin components with a label at the same time or do i have to theme every single component individually?

Ping @resilient-meerkat as CSS crack :nerd_face:

Using global CSS and the ::part selector, you can at least use a selector list to combine multiple elements into a single rule:

vaadin-text-select::part(label) {
    line-height: 1.05;

this works with shadowdom?

Yes because the label and other important parts are defined as part within the shadow dom

ahhhh, i see

With the upcoming v24 / h2 you can probably style most of the components like so - with an enhanced documentation for all the parts currently in work

i will give it a try, thank you guys :slightly_smiling_face:

@objective-rat Apart from that it would be great if you can open an issue here:
It doesn’t look like the problem is tracked yet.

@cheerful-baboon I will do so

works like a charm