Rendering a TreeGrid autoexpanded


I’m trying to show a TreeGrid with many nodes (100) completely expanded from the first render of the page. Using the TreeGrid.expand and TreeGrid.expandRecursively methods passing the collection of nodes works great, but the UI looks very sluggish as it is very noticeable how each node is expanded one at a time. This behavior makes for a really bad user experience, so the question is: am I doing something wrong here? Or is there a better way to accomplish the desired results?

Thanks in advance

Are you expanding the nodes before the tree gets attached? Also: are you using a lazy loading or an in memory data provider?

I see the same behavior.
I have an in memory data provider and am displaying a search result (f.i. 20 nodes). Therefore i set the result nodes and their parents to the TreeGrid (it is already attached) and also expand them all in the same method. So I would expect the TreeGrid to show the nodes already expanded and not some slow motion browser action.