Rendered cell value or

I need to obtain the rendered cell value or render it in runtime, e.g.:
The column has de following renderer:

You can’t. What do you want to achieve? One possibility is to use another renderer (like a LitRenderer or a ComponentRenderer) then you will have access to the element

I need to export to spreadsheet

I implemented it with apache poi and it’s working, but with the renderers I ran into this problem

What do you suggest to export to spreadsheet instead? Vaadin Grid pro has this feature?

I would export the data (from the dataprovider) and reformat it, not the span

And not the Vaadin grid pro does not have this feature

got it, thank you.

We’re migrating an application from vaadin 6 to vaadin 23, do you have some service to help us?

Yes, we have some services, you can see here the description: Java App Modernization Made Simple | Vaadin

There is grid CSV export example here How do I export grid data as CSV - Vaadin Cookbook

For fancier options there is add-on in tje Directory

Thank you, but I need export to *.xlsx, and I achieve it, I created a “middleware” renderer, using the vaadin renderer inside, giving the renderer to Grid.Column and giving the value to the exporter.

Try this Grid Exporter Add-on - Vaadin Add-on Directory

It’s free?