Removing label in boolean checkbox inside grid inline editor


when I’m editing a grid row with the inline editor, all boolean columns are displayed as checkboxes with the colum-name as a label next to them, which doesn’t look very nice (as it overlaps the next column as well).

can I somehow easily remove the label from this checkbox inside the inline editor?

thank you

How are you creating your grid/editor row? When I try it with a very simple Grid with default editor and BeanItemContainer I don’t get any labels to my checkboxes.

the grid is created in Vaadin Designer, and then grid.setEditorEnabled(true)
do you think that’s making a difference?

I tried that in my old Designer project with the same test container and at least there I couldn’t reproduce it. What versions are you using? Which container do you have?

I’m using Vaadin 7.5.2 (as any other Versions has problems with my GGTS IDE environment in combination with Vaadin Designer)

as container, I’m using a BeanContainer based on a GORM domain

I just tried it with a default grid, created manually without designer, same result

Ah, that would explain it. Try adding something like this to your style (needs some tweaking, I’m afraid I don’t have time to fine-tune it right now):

  .v-grid-editor-cells .v-checkbox label {
  .v-grid-editor-cells .v-checkbox input {

…or if you don’t have that many boolean columns to deal with, you can sidestep the styling by setting a non-captioned checkbox manually:

grid.getColumn("propertyId").setEditorField(new CheckBox());

Simply perfect, both solutions work.
Will stick with the setEditorField for now

many thanks!

No problem ^.^