Removing default style from Buttons

Any one knows how can I remove the defautl stylesheet from Vaadin Components (ex: Button)?
I would like to use the reindeer theme but on some occasions, I need the look of the Buttons to be css designed and not the default one.
I try with component.removeStyleName(“v-button”) and no luck.

I also tried to override the v-button style, but it does not look to work as well.
Any suggestion is welcomed

Hate to dissappoint, but that’s not currently possible. The base classnames are always added by the client side engine, and they can’t be removed from the server side.

There will be a solution to this need in V7, but for now, I guess the only solutions are:

  1. Override the default styles with CSS (hard, I know)
  2. Use another theme that has less hard-to-override button CSS
  3. Extend the VButton class and add some functionality there that will remove the base class name

Thanks Jouni

Hello Jouni,
Is it possible to remove the default styles in Vaadin 7 or 8 ?
I tried using removeStyleName() in Vaadin 7, but the default style was added again.
Is there any other way out?