Remove Navigation Bar

Is there anyway to remove the navigation bar from the navigation view?I am having some tabs to enable the user to do the navigation therefore I do not require the navigation bar. How could this be done


You could hide the navigation bar with css:


.hidenavigationbar .v-touchkit-navbar {
display: none;
.hidenavigationbar .v-touchkit-navview-wrapper {
top: 0;
[/code]Anyway, it’s recommended to use NavigationBar (or NavigationButtons) as it triggers the view change animation without server roundtrip if you are using it inside NavigationManager.

  • Jarno

Whats left in NavigationView if the NavigationBar is removed? Isn’t it pretty much a CssLayout or a “chromeless” Panel at that point? You can use e.g. plain layouts in NavigationManager as well.


What is a plain layout ?

I would like to do the same.

The motivation behind this is simply to remove the caption in the middle and replace it with a tex field to do searches

I don’t care about server round trips