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I have a problem refreshing my application. When I leave and then come back on my page, I should be able to detect it and relaod my pages. Do you have an idea how to do that?

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Try adding ?debug to the end of your url.

It will give you a box with a “restart app” button that does exactly what you want.

See Book of Vaadin section 12.4.1

I wish they had made this a bit more obvious, this made me nuts!


I know its old thread but I have similary problem. I want to restart my application when I change value in combobox. I know only one solution:

getApplication().start(new URL(getApplication().getURL() + “?restartApplication”), destProperties, getApplication().getContext());

but it doesnt work.

In ?debug mode there is a ‘Restart app’ button that works but I dont know what is he doing. Can anybody help me?

Grzesiek D

I think you can just use getApplication().close() to restart the application

Thanks for answer.

Yes event if I close app, then what next? I need to start my application and getApplication.start (…) doesn’t work.
I need exactly functionality of “Restart app” button in Debug mode.

Directly from web browser URL: “/?restartApplication” does what i want but not with start() method. I’m working in OSGi environment (ServiceMix)…maybe here is a problem?

I was tracing HTTP session in this two cases and there is following different (on server side):

  1. invoking directly from browser:
  • POST (server URL)/UIDL?windowName=1&onloadburst=1
  • GET (server URL)/?restartApplication

and then requests for widgets and repainting

  1. invoking form application:
  • POST (server URL)/UIDL?windowName=1

and its all, in this case there is not sending GET request. Why? What is “onloadburst” parameter?

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Grzesiek D

The on
loadburst parameter indicates to the server that this is the last synchronous request the client is making to try to save all unsaved changes when the user closes a browser window or otherwise leaves the application page. It is triggered primarily from VView.onWindowClosing().

Henri Sara:

Thanks Henri,

It was good idea to look at the VView class but not by onWindowClosing() method only by another:

     * Used to reload host page on theme changes.
    public static native void reloadHostPage()

This method is invoking every time on theme change. So when I change theme of my application then application is restarting correctly! Every labels/fileds and titles are refreshing and changing language (i’m using this to internationalization).

Unfortunately i can’t invoke this native method myself…;(
Summary, from this three methods to restarting my app, works fine only number 3:

  1. getApplication().close();
    getApplication().start(new URL(getApplication().getURL() + “?restartApplication”), destProperties, getApplication().getContext());

  2. getWindow().executeJavaScript(“wnd.location.reload(true);”);

  3. if (getApplication().getTheme().equals(“my_theme”))

I know it’s very strange method for restarting so pls, maybe someone knows how to invoke number 2 directly?

Grzesiek D

“Page.getCurrent().reload();” ? (without the quotes and question mark )

1)when i reload the current page in browser it go back to login page?
what i need is : when i reload page it should be in same page…

2)when i press back button it moves to login page in browser ?
what i need is :when i press back button it go back to previous page not login page…

Add @PreserveOnRefresh to your UI class (more info about it in the Book of Vaadin or just google it)

thanks for reply…
without using @preserve OnRefresh it is possible in vaadin…