Reload a Application page without ending a session

I am creating a simple web-application in vaadin.

I have put button1 disabled, and trying to enable it with other button click listener. But its not happening without refreshing the page. So what method does vaadin has to refresh the page without ending the session OR there is some other way to do it?

Anyone to answer??

Could you show your code here, because what you are trying to do should work. Reloading the page is not vaadin-style

Here is the code wat i have written in a panel:


DateField df1 = new DateField();
df1.setValue(new Date());

	Button go = new Button("GO");
	CheckBox custom = new CheckBox("Custom");
	custom.addListener(new ClickListener() 
		public void buttonClick(ClickEvent event) 


After checking the checkbox, the DateField is not changing its status to enabled…

You have to set the CheckBox to the immediate mode by saying:


Thanks Henri mine problem is solved now -_- .