Released CKEditor for Vaadin 1.6.1

  • Added ability to set the font_names configuration option for the Fonts drop down list: config.setFontNames(). Also added some
    convenience methods like: getFontNameList() and addFontName(String newFontNameSpec).
  • Bug fix if the editor has its data change and readonly set together. Thanks for the bug find and fix by sascha.broich76.
  • Upgraded to Vaadin 6.7.5.

You can find this in both the Vaadin Directory as well as Google Code.

Helo Mr Wall,

I am using your wonderful add-on. I stubled on one thing though.

I have a horizontal split panel, on the left I have a tree and on the right I have ckeditor.
I want to drag the tree node to ckeditor, have dragnDrop for the ckeditor field.
When I drag the tree node, I can copy its content to clipboard, but I cannot figure out how to call clipboard.getData on ckeditor field.
Can you please advise?

Once again thanks for your efforts.

  • Anu

Sorry, but I have not investigated drag & drop beyond the built-in features of Vaadin widgets like Tree and Table.

I have no idea what it would mean to implement drag and drop between Vaadin widgets and our component that integrates with CKEditor’s own JavaScript app.

Does anybody else know how this can be done? Any pointers to information/examples on how it might be done?

Is there any such capability in the TinyMCE component?

I can see it could be tricky to know just where the drop takes place in the editor so that the text/items can be inserted in the right place.

(I also recommend doing your own forum post with an appropriate subject than repling to another thread that is only somewhat related.)

Thanks for your response, David.
I figured it out, have to cal Jscript api from the ckeditorfield.
That works !

  • Anu

Terrific… If you can share your method here, I’m sure others (including me!) would love to know what you learned. :slight_smile:

care to share mate? (if you still remember, that is)

i’d love to use drag and drop with ckeditor myself, as i’m sure many others would too