Relation between Vaadin and AJAX(XML)

Hi bros,

according to the official documentation of Vaadin, the framework is uses AJAX.
I can understand that using Vaadin, asynchronous requests can be sent.

But what I don’t understand - in what way is
used in this context?
Is there somehow a communication based on xml?

Can anyone help me, please?
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Nazar Medeiros

This referes to the internals of Vaadin and the communication between the web browser and Java server. You don’t have to care about the nitty gritty details about the communication as it has been abstracted away to a nice Java API in the server side (and in the client-side to some extent). That’s the beauty of Vaadin.

To answer your question: The X of XML refers to the XMLHttpRequests made in Vaadin’s JavaScript code. See
wikipedia entry on AJAX

Thanks Johannes

  • Nazar Medeiros