Registering older add-on versions to the Directory via Maven central

The best way (for both authors and especially for users) to publish Vaadin add-ons is to push the to Maven central and then register them to the Directory.

The logic I wrote there a while a go to do the automatic updates is bit lazy though. It only checks for the “latest” from the Maven central’s metadata xml (example). Thus, if you are maintaining multiple branches of add-ons, like currently we do for Vaadin 23 compatible branch of TinyMCE for Flow add-on, it might be the versions are not automatically up to date with the old branch.

Don’t know how common it is and thus I’m not about to start to improve the logic, but there is a workaround available. You must login to the Directory and open the add-on for editing. In the versions tab you’ll find a button “New version from Maven”. Hit that, fill in the missing version and click create version. You might want to double check version details and then hit save for the whole add-on → version from the old branch appears.

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