Regarding error indicator for forms using customlayout

Hi everybody,

Can anyone help me in placing an error indicator(red star mark ) for mandatory fields of a form which uses custom(HTML) layout in vaadin…

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Shankari G R


If anyone answers to this question it will be more useful for me

Thanks and regards,
Shankari G R

Well, you posted in the wrong section (this one is about questions on this forum), so this limits audience.
And perhaps you should provide more information on what problems you meet, give code to reproduce issue, etc.

As Philippe noted, you should state your problem with more details.

The required indicator should work just fine for fields in a CustomLayout. One common problem is that a required indicator is placed above the field, not before it, which would be often desired. Perhaps the easiest solution is to disable the requiredness and put a required indicator imitation in the CustomLayout HTML. You can use “[tt]
[/tt]” element for the indicator to make it look just like a real one. You could also use “display: inline-block” CSS style for the v-caption element (and possibly for some other elements) so that the real indicator is placed before the field.