Reg: Vaadin Technology Stack


I am new to Vaadin.
Since it is one of the top frameworks,I would like to learn & develop a project in it.
Can anyone tell me if the technology stack
is perfect? Or anything else is not yet added in any of the layers? I would need the right one for documentation…
Looking forward for replies…


There is no such thing as a perfect stack - it depends on what you want to do, your environment etc. If you don’t know the other frameworks, either, start with trying out something simple with no extra building blocks and then add pieces to the stack as they are needed. You can also take a look at higher level frameworks on top of Vaadin - there are some in the directory where the integration issues with other frameworks have already been taken into account.

The page you linked to is a very old one (the stack image talks about IT Mill Toolkit, the predecessor of Vaadin) but the elements in it are still valid for many cases. Also look for relevant Vaadin add-ons when using CDI, Spring, JPA or other frameworks in the stack - they can make the integration easier.

Vaadin supports the SCSS format and Vaadin themes are written in it. However, note that most parts of the theme are just CSS in a SCSS files so you should probably first learn CSS and just the basics of SCSS.

The upcoming Valo theme (in Vaadin 7.3) is more heavily based on SCSS and can be customized quite a lot by setting some SCSS variables. However, even to do that, you only need to know the basics of SCSS.