Refreshing only a row or a cell in a treetable

Hello everybody,
i’m trying to solve a problem that, for what i understand, it is very common for somebody that is starting to using vaadin.
I have a treetable with a beanItemContainer. In this container, i will use three different types of Bean, and each of them extends the same bean abstraction. My usual way of working is to update any of the variables of the bean, save it in the container then call the refresh of the entire page in order to show any possible UI variation. This behaviour, however, tends to slow down the UI experience in a bad way when the number of elements and columns increase, at the point that even a minimal button graphical change takes too much seconds to refresh the treetable. I also want to mention that the component got a lot of widget, which, unfortunately, i can’t take out from the view.

So, in order to solve the problem, i found that my only chance is to refresh a single row at the time, when an attribute of that bean changes: the problem is that i didn’t have found a way to do it with the treetable/ table component!
Basically, i didn’t have found a method that directly invoke a single row refreshing (such as the one that is available for the Grid) and the only method that forces a refresh is refreshRowCache, which triggers again the complete refresh of the component. My question is, it is possible to force to render a single row again of a table/treetable component in some way?

Thank you for you patience and support.