Refreshing external window refreshes main window

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when refreshing an external window, the main window is displayed in the external window (you can check this out at (see
That means one cannot refresh external windows but refreshing external windows result in cloning the main window :wink:

Another question: is it possible to hide the location bar (containg the URL) of external windows?

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P.S: please don’t reply “don’t use external windows” or so.
It has to be an external one, because it’s a file browser extension for CKEditor…


for more information on support multiple tabs/windows - you have to write specific code (to do with naming of windows) to support multiple windows.

It is not really possible to hide the url on the current browser window. It is possible to open a new window in javascript, and ask it not to display the location : off the top of my head, I’m not sure if Vaadin exposes that. I do know that this is merely a request to the browser, and that Firefox by default will ignore this. (See



Hi Charles,

you’re right."", "Vaadin", "location=no"); works only in Safari while FF & Chrome still show the location bar. Didn’t know that they changed this…

Thank’s for the quick reply and the links!

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