Refresh css during development

Maybe it’s a stupid question but … when I do changes in my styles.css for my custom theme, while the Tomcat server is running with Eclipse, browser does not get the changes. I’ve to restart Tomcat, then the browser see the changes.

I’ve tried to press Ctrl-F5, Shift-F5 to ask firefox to reload the stuff, but it does not come.

When I do a Java code change it’s directly hot deployed.

Firebug shows the a get request is sent to the server for styles.css, but the response is “304 - Not modified”.

Any quick idea for me ?

really stupid question - did you ask eclipse to refresh your WebContents or syles.css?

It’s fixed, thank you Joonas.

It was not Vaadin related at all as we could have guessed.
I remember that I disabled auto publishing of modified resources.

Note for the readers: Click the Apache configuration on Eclipse server view, select open in the popup menu, and in the top right corner title Publishing, select the radio button “Automatically publish when resources change”

I had to disable auto publishing to enable hot code replacement (when I change some Java source code and save, the class is reloaded on the server with no server restart), else the server wants to restart Spring and other startup things (and fail miserably).

So when I plan to do CSS changes and tuning, I enable auto publishing and I try to remember to change no Java code.
When I plan to debug my code, I disable auto publishing to benefit hot code replacement.