Referencing Images in JavaScriptComponent-Addon

Hi everybody,
I have build a JavaScriptComponent which has its own styles.css.
The component works so far.
If I export my Vaadin7 project as an Addon and use it in another project the base javascript functionality works well, but the images specified in my styles.css
(defined per annotation) cannot be loaded.
The Images are bundled inside the package but somehow cannot be referenced.
For example “background:#fff url(
) no-repeat 50% 50%;”
The AbstractCommunicationManager says: “Connector resource request for unknown resource rejected: loading.gif”

What would be best practice to bundle and reference images in a javascript component addon (jar)?

The reason your images can not be loaded is that Vaadin only allows serving files from the classpath if they have explicitly been whitelisted by using @StyleSheet or @JavaScript. This is done to ensure e.g. files containing database passwords are not accidentally made available from the classpath.

There is currently no way of telling the framework that other types of files are OK to serve. See
for the current vision about how it might be implemented.