redraw problem with vaadin 8.5.2 and a line chart:

I’ve a vaadin application with some data series and charts. The data series are loaded up front and you can switch between different views.
This works fine but i’ve a redraw problem:
_timeChart = new Chart(ChartType.LINE);
Switching to an other data series does not every time update the chart:

private void updatePeriodicDetails(final Periodic periodic) {
... creating new dataseries:
 final Configuration configuration = _timeChart.getConfiguration();
 configuration.setTitle("Time " + _selected._name);

Sometimes the browser displays the right chart on the second try. I’ve found out that change the zoom always displays the right chart.
Through debugger and log files i can see that no call to the back end is done. The java side is inactive while the display changes zoom factor.

How can i debug this problem or how can i trigger the layout phase manually as work around?