Recent Topics page broken


Nowadays (=at least today and yesterday), the Recent Topics page doesn’t contain anything. Is there any medicine for this?



When I posted this, the topic was put to recent topics, but topics before it are not. How long is a topic a recent topic?

I don’t know what is the problem right away. The JForum configuration doesn’t seem to have any expiration setting for the Recent Topics. The only setting is “Maximum number of topics in Recent Topics page”, which is now 50. I’ll have to look into the problem at some time if it doesn’t get better by itself.

Now the two most recently active topics are visible, but not the topics that had messages earlier today. It’s a bit strange.

You can of course subscribe the forums to email, if that’s not too much traffic. There’s also an RSS syndication option, but it hasn’t been enabled. I’m not sure if it is useful, but I enabled it now at least experimentally.

The RSS functionality looks a bit odd. If you subscribe from the main page of the forum, it seems to show only the top-level forum names in the feed, which is largely useless.

To get the recent topics, you need to subscribe the feed from the “Recent Topics” page, so it probably doesn’t help with this problem. And it doesn’t seem possible to get a feed of individual new messages.

Any opinions?