React web components?

Vaadin Flow is able use web components made with Polymer 2. Have you ever tried using web components made with React ( )? Polymer seems to be quite uncommon library and I would rather use React instead.


I would like to extend the question to web components made with StencilJS.


Great question!

Stencil should produce plain web components in the end, and they those should work fine with Flow.

Not entirely sure about React. I also wonder if it makes sense to load both Polymer and React in single app, but in theory it should work.

If you’re looking for a more React-like way of working with Polymer, I suggest you take a look at
Polymer 3
(currently in preview) and

. Here’s a couple of videos that shows how lit-html works:

I do not fully follow Juha’s meaning there but to answer partly - Flow can integrate with any WebComponent and use even jQuery components as seen in (source: Vaadin Elements use Polymer as a helper library (not as app framework), basically for us Polymer is implementation detail. Vaadin Elements, UI components part of upcoming Vaadin 10 platform, can be used with any framework that can work with WebComponents. There are numerous examples how to use them for example in React but here is one:

I want to use a Ract framework: inside Vaadin 14 LTS. How can I do it? Can I create a React component inside a LitElement?

Is there any Vaadin app example that utilize React compnents?

Any idea will help