RE: TreeGrid with selection mode MULTI displays weird text

Are you using an old theme version?

The text seems to have been added for screenreaders but should be hidden using CSS (added in

After a recent update (now running 8.2.0 but the problem was also in 8.1.7), the treegrid (when using selection mode MULTI) suddenly displays the text “Selects all rows of the table.” after the checkbox in the header.

It also displays the text “Select row number 2.” after the checkbox for the first record, and then “Selects row number 3.” etc for the following records.

I didn’t add this, and it wasn’t there before. I can’t find any setting which would remove these texts. I looks really strange, and it seems to be some description which could maybe popup as a hover text, but now its displayed in the treegrid.

Any ideas?

Ahh, yes - stupid me. Always forgets to update the themes… Now it works!

Thanks and case closed!