RE: Official Install Requirements for Vaadin Java "Bakery" App Framework? G

Vaadin 8 requires to use Java 8, and since compiler is needed in many occasions, you will need the JDK, just JRE is not enough. So download the latest Java 8 JDK. I also would install Java EE version of the IDE. At least it is very typical with Eclipse that it offers JRE it runs on by default for the project. So you need to go to project settings and change to alternative Java (i.e. the Java 8 JDK you have installed). For IDE I recommend to use Eclipse or IntelliJ, and install the Vaadin Eclipse plugin from Eclipse Marketplace. I myself prefer to use the maven add of the Eclipse, but it is ok to use command line mvn as well, that should not matter. Note, Bakery views are done with our Designer tool, which is available just for Eclipse and IntelliJ.

I will deliver your message to development team so that they can consider adding documentation at app starter page.


Yes, I am a noob.

Can anyone give me official requirements for the Bakery Starter App and Vaadin?

I’m on Win 10 64 bit, and I had maven, SDK and other frameworks installed ( android Studio and more)…

I went and downloaded the zip file for the Vaadin installed, licenses, did my mvn firefly run, but it cam up with either, JDK errors, firefly plugin errors, and numerous others.
I followed several forum posts for correcting issue and many were resolved, but not all to be able to get Bakery Start app running on a localhost 8080 port.

I’m not super savvy on frameworks and developing, but I do search and read well and have installed Linux, servers, and other frameworks without much effort, but for the life of me I’m frustrated as I was/am so excited about trying out the Vaadin Starter app nd learning more about it.

I’ve currently removed all java, maven, android studio, etc… deleted all tmp, appdata, projects, used registry cleaner, and created a brand new user profile with administrator privs.

I’m looking for official steps ( Bad info is a drag :frowning: ) so I canget it installed and working.

Can anyone give me official requirements ( Maven, Java, SDK versions, etc…) for the Bakery Starter App and Vaadin?

First things first, were you able to run the starter without any modifications? About the requirements, JDK8 and Maven are the official requirements. I’m not sure about the minimum Maven version, but I’m using 3.3.9.

One thing that might cause weird issues is if you haven’t defined the JAVA_HOME and JRE_HOME system variables and pointed them to a Java 8 JDK.

Thank You ALL for answering so quickly.

Issue resolved.

@ Tatu - Documentation is fine so far. Just had unusual corruption issue. My own error… I’ve been testing different frameworks out to see what is easiest for me since I am brand new to all this. I only know how to do some server setup, cms, html and cs type stuff so I’ve been looking for a platform that is a little more forgiving and helpful to GUI users. I can’t really code thus far, just read a lot and tweak code.

@ Johannes - I did follow the documents online on Vaadin web site as listed in several places, and also did verify my jdk version. Gradle newest vesion.

@ Olli - LOL, yes, setting PATH stuff is hardly done by a regular Windows users so several days ago I had to go look online and verify I was point jdk correctly.

It was simply pure corruption because after I reloaded everything it all worked.
But, there was an issue with a maven-compiler-plugin and I found a fix for it listed on Github.

Thank You again for all the fast response!