RE: Make a wrapper around vaadin-grid-column

I am making a configurable grid Polymer component based on the Vaadin Grid. In the end I would like to produce markup like this:

<my-grid-column />
<my-grid-column />

Where my-grid is a component that has some internal logic and renders the vaadin-grid and my-grid-column has some internal logic and renders a vaadin-grid-column. The grid part is behaving as expected, but I am having trouble making the column component.

I have explored several options but couldn’t get any to behave properly:

  1. Make my own component that simply renders a vaadin-grid-column. I couldn’t get this to work, but are not quite sure why.
  2. Make a component that exends the vaadin-grid-column. I couldn’t get this to work because I don’t think the column is exposed as a Class.
  3. After studying the vaadin-grid-column code, I found that the grid-column component is actually just a really thin wrapper around the vaadin.elements.grid.ColumnBehavior. So I thought I could just create my own component that would implement the same behavior. This didn’t give the correct results either.

So… I have quite an open question: How would I make my own implementation of a vaadin-grid-column?

My thanks in advance!