RE: KeyPressListener instead of ShortcutListener

KeyActions add-on
provides a more flexible way to handle keyboard events on the server-side. It’s
online demo
contains something like you describe - listener is notified, but it does not prevent the default action.

One possible caveat is that the Spreadsheet
internally consume the keyboard events so that there is no possibility for the KeyActions add-on to capture the events.

I hope it works out.

  • Jonni

Hello, I just want to know when a user has pressed certain keys. The problem with Shortcut’s in Vaadin is that they override default behaviors of certain components, most notablty Spreadsheet, when they are used. Any advice?

The purpose of this is to track and analyze user behaviors in order to provide a better final product for our userbase.

Holy cow Batman! Going to test right now to see if it produces the intended behavior with Spreadsheet. Did not see it in the directory.