RE: Is Vaadin using SASS 3.x ?


according to
, 1.0 (which is the current version) should be compatible with sass-lang compiler 3.2.12 and 1.1 should be compatible with 3.3.0. If you’ve got a sample project where a feature isn’t working, I suggest you file a bug report at the above mentioned repository; go to Issues to do so.


Im wondering if Vaadin is using SASS 3.x, since Version 3 fixes a bug which prevents filter functions.

filter: grayscale(100%);

Since this doesnt work in my scss file my asssumption is that Vaadin 7 is still using the older version.
Is that correct ? If so - when can I expect an update for this issue?

No, the current version is 0.9.13, only the roadmap talks about a planned version 1.0

Oh, my bad, then it’s still only in the works, I’m afraid.