RE: Form With Advanced Layout and SQLContainer add- on problem

I don’t use the SQLContainer and I am afraid I don’t have the answer to your problem, but when I see this long thread with lot of obscure uncommented code it scares me away…
Lot of people on the forum, like me, are helping during their free time so while they want to help they can’t debug such huge amount of code.

If you could come up with a minimal test case which has the same problem (as few lines as possible) and throw some comments in there you would have more chance to see people look into it. And usually, while stripping out the code to it’s minimal form you can spot the problem and fix it more rapidly.

(If you decide to go with the reduced test case way, it would be good to open a separate thread as the amount of code as the top might stop anybody trying to reach the reduced case at the bottom…)