RE: Disable grid column size calculation

You can set fixed widths to columns of the Grid. Use grid.getColumn(…).setWidth(x); x being the width in pixels (double).

(Provided that you are using Framework Grid, just noticed that you had posted this question under Elements)


Is it possible to disable the column size calculation and the absolut positioning of rows for Grids? It would be nice if the grid could behave like a normal HTML table layout wise.

We need to add margins on each table row, which seems very hard to do with the size calculation done by the framework.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to disable the absolute positioning of the rows. The “escalator” / row recycling currently works like that to support large sets of items.

We have a prototype for the web component that does not depend on absolute positioning, but it’s not really production ready yet.

As for column widths, that’s harder to accomplish while supporting “millions of rows”.

As a workaround, you could try adding padding to the rows and styling the individual cells instead to look like a row.