RE: Debug Maven Goal vaadin:update-widgetset

Hi Tiziano,
I think you are confusing com.vaadin.server.widgetsetutils.ClassPathExplorer (on vaadin-server jar) and com.vaadin.integration.maven.wscdn.ClassPathExplorer (in maven plugin).

For the maven plugin class debug is forced to true so you should see all info when runnig maven goal


In class com/vaadin/server/widgetsetutils/ (which is called when I run mvn vaadin:update-widgetset)

i found this code

private static boolean debug = false;
static {
String debugProperty = System.getProperty(“debug”);
if (debugProperty != null && !debugProperty.equals(“”)) {
debug = true;

For what I understand, if I can set a system property called debug, I can get extra info.

I try with adding this to pom.xml

com.vaadin vaadin-maven-plugin ... -Ddebug=true ...

but i cannot success.

Any idea?

Yes, I’m sorry, I’m confusing the two classes.

But I can’t debug the class becouse in terminal i cannot see any of the log in terminal…

for example i cannot see

…debug("getClassPathLocations took " + (end - start) + “ms”);

…debug("Classpath: " + classpath);


Hi Tiziano,
I think you can’t see those lines because it seems that the private methods that uses debug are never invoked