RadioGroup/RadioButton React component binding issue to boolean properties in forms

RadioGroup/RadioButton React components doesn’t support proper bindings to boolean values in a form, or at least I don’t know how to do it properly.
The value property of RadioButton is not accepting booleans, so I have to set the value for them as follows:

<RadioGroup label="Active" {...field(}>
  <RadioButton label="Yes" value="true" />
  <RadioButton label="No" value="false" />

But, setting the record that contains an active property to the form doesn’t change the selection of the RadioButtons.
If I change the editor component to a Checkbox, it properly select/unselect the checkbox accordingly (so I assume the form binding doesn’t have a problem).

I assume that this behavior comes from the fact that it cannot match the boolean value of true or false to the string literals of "true" or "false", but having the RadioGroup and RadioButtons, setting the value to the bound object is working fine (binding works somehow in one way), it’s a bit confusing: Why is it actually working?

So I have these two questions:

  1. Is there a way to have the two-way binding work properly for RadioGroup/RadioButton and booleans? Or am I missing a point?
  2. What prevents us from having an in-memory data provider for RadioGroup and CheckboxGroup so that the developer doesn’t have to deal with low-level on-change events?