RadioButton touch/set problem with IOS


I tried the radiobutton example on with two IOS devices.
IPhone IOS 12.4.4 and IPad Mini IOS 13.3. I cannot select the radio button that I click. In the first example “Basic Usage” I can only select once. In the other examples I can’t select any radio button. I noticed this problem with my Vaadin 14.1.17 project.

Anybody else experiencing this behaviour?

My android devices and IMac on the other hand is working fine.


I upgraded to 14.1.18. Unfortunately it doesn’t work as well.

Thanks for reporting. I verified this.

I tested on the following devices:

  • iPhone 5s iOS 11.4.1 (works)
  • iPhone 6s iOS 12.2 (BROKEN)
  • iPhone X iOS 13.1 (BROKEN)

I created an issue about it here:

vaadin-radio-button v1.2.3 seems to work, but the newer versions v1.2.4 and v1.2.5 are broken atm. We will look into this.

The fix for this issue has been released in: