QuickTickets Dashboard Project

How can I import QuickTickets Dashboard project into eclipse as a web application project not as a maven project ?
Thanks in adv.

There are already many other threads about this - see
(readme at the bottom of the page) and don’t forget to get your own API key from Rotten Tomatoes as it says. Import the project with m2e (included in many Eclipse Kepler packages, plug-in on Eclipse Marketplace for older) with Import… → Existing Maven Project.

I alerady import the project as a “Maven project” but still some missing files and when I run the project it doesn’t work
i attached a screen capture for more explanation

Git does not preserve empty directories and Eclipse seems to expect that one to exist when importing a Maven project. Just create the directory (or edit Eclipse classpath to exclude it).

Thank you Mr. Henri
Can you explane more for me how can I do that and thank you a lot.