Quicktickets-Dashboard demo navigator

I’m trying to find a good solution to integrate logged out navigation with logged in navigation. The Vaadin Dashboard demo is pretty clear with regard to how to navigate once logged in, but in my case I have a series of logged out links as well.

Right now I am using a fragmentChangeListener to navigate throughout the logged out views. This works fine when logged out and once the user logs in I am using the Vaadin navigator. This has many downsides including the back button taking the user back to the login page.

My question is, is there a cleaner way to mesh logged out navigation with logged in navigation. Hoew are others handling this?


I would suggest that you initially only register the unrestricted views to your Navigator when your app starts. Then, when the user logs in, you can add the restricted views that they can access to the Navigator.

That is definitely a clean and perfect solution. Looks like I overthought this one.

Thank you Marcus!