Question about URI and parameters.

Hi everybody,

I search a method to get parameters from a link and clear them after. I explain…

Step 1 :
From an external link (a link on an another web site for example), http://…/myApp/?id=30 , I would like to get the “id” parameter and store it in session. This part is ok.
I use :

protected void init(final VaadinRequest request) {
  String id = request.getParameter("id");
  VaadinSession.getCurrent().setAttribute("id", request.getParameter("id"));

Step 2 :
I would like to go to another page (not stay on the home page). For that, I use (and it wokrs) :

getNavigator().navigateTo(OgeViewType.SEARCH.getViewName()); When I arrive in the new page, I take the session value and I do my work. Is ok too.

Step 3 :
I would not to have already parameters in the URL. I would like to have : http://…/myApp/#!Search
but I have already : http://…/myApp/?id=30#!Search

Is there a solution to do that ?