Question about the use of

I was checking the licenses we use in our development environments and found the JSON license to be mentioned in com.vaadin.shared and com.vaadin.client -both 7.5.7. But the org.json is no longer used as I take from the ticket / comment 3. So my point is: is org.json or anything else under the JSON license still in the vaadin framework or if not - since which version?

Thank you in advance.


some more information:

the json license on this page
is mentioned as
, on the
vaadin release note
page, it is listed as APL2.0 license. This is quite confusing.

Vaadin nowadays don’t use that json library but the one (rather similar) the comes with GWT. Its license is APL 2.0. The json library you referred was used in earlier versions of Vaadin.

Matti, thank you for your response.