Question about the upcoming drag and drop support

I was wondering what kind of components can we expect of the upcoming drag and drop support? Will there be in the core product something that will replace the
I made some time ago (hope so, because my widget is rather buggy not to mention the horrible implementation)?

How about sorting larger datasets? For example, if you add a lot of components to the DragSortableVerticalLayout, it will create a scrollbar within itself (unlike Vaadin layouts in general). The scrollbar was implemented directly to the DSVL because when you drag something towards the bottom of the layout, the DSVL will automatically scroll itself downwards until you drop the item. Will there be any component available that could accomplish this task? To see what I mean, take a look at the
DSVL demo
and try dragging something from positions 0-15 to any position after 15.

Tree, Table and some layouts.

Matti and Artur, please fill the missing parts in the list above :)