Question about CSS Style Rules Button.

Hi i read the book of vaadin and i have a question .

The book tell that buttons has this css style rules .

.v-button { }
.v-button-wrap { }
.v-button-caption { }
the question is that’s element of the button can be editable ? , i mean if i want to change the :hover , it’s that posible ?

I put the css code generator , of several web sites in buttons , but it’s seem that vaadin button has specific ways to CSS is that true ?

The Vaadin button is not a HTML button, so those styles won’t work. Good news is that :hover styles work just fine when you define the right class names. For example:

.v-button:hover .v-button-caption {
   color: red;

should turn the caption text red. Didn’t test it though, but it should work :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply Thomas .