Query Regarding:Best practices to use Vaadin as a portlet in Liferay Portal

Hi Vaadin Folks,

I’ve some Question regarding the usage of vaadin as liferay portlet.:

  1. Maximum number vaadin portlets in a Liferay portal page.?

Is there any performance issues (since, each portlet has many in built features (liferay), vaadin window component , too many layouts within that. So, as portlet increases in a page, page rendering time & performance effects. [

Regarding UI design for a portal using Vaadin portlet.

My Team-lead always prefers too many portlets on a page. which makes them easy to remove those vaadin liferay portlet from page from front-end.

I’ll just illustrate their UI design in portal page:

:refer the screeshot (preview.PNG) below:

On page load 1 or 2 portlets will be visible. all others will be invisible. on IPC event invisible will be made visible. & vice versa.
Does hidding & Unhidding portlet makes any sense.???
& Without using sheets in tabsheet they use just tabs (pics: parent portlet) and on tab click they use IPC to change the state of child tabsheet (child portlet) which listens for IPC.

Personally i dont prefer this kind of UI flow, layout usage & portlet placement on the page. its not professional at all.

And i have got the task of refining the Look & feel by using vaadin theme. somehow i made it using runo (light weight, sleek design).
& now they wants to remove gaps between portlet. & later i’ve to work on its Performance related stuffs.

Somehow i can do it. but later i guess it will be critical when it goes into production when further requirement & corrections comes…
Our functionality of application almost resembles with Vaadin Sampler. (we used many tables & tabsheet). And see how well attached vaadin-runo.PNG looks…

Please any body help me on this. So that i can tell them the Preferred way of using Vaadin portlet with Liferay.

Thanks in advance,