PWA Offline File

I’m not sure if this is the right place.

Are there any examples of how to update the offline file? I want the offline file to show current information (as current as the last connection at least).


There isn’t any built-in functionality for doing this. We’re planning to add various features to make it easier to build offline functionality, but this particular feature hasn’t been considered so far.

It would be useful for us if you could give a slightly more detailed description of what you want to achieve so that we can consider different alternatives for taking it into account when putting together an action plan.

Leif - Thank you for the reply.

Think about where I have an address book app (horrible example given this would be handled by the “contacts” app of the phone, but bear with me). I want to be able to have a portion of my contacts (say name and number) still be available when off line in case I need to call them in an emergency.

Does that make sense?

My case is different, but I’m not wanting to share it right now in a public form.

Thank you for clarifying.

I agree that it’s a horrible example, but I can see how it could be replaced with some other similarly structured data for a real-world use case.