PWA How can I refresh the page

When the user pulls down the page in a PWA I would like to refresh the page, like in the Facebook app, Snapchat app, Instagram app… Anyone know how to do that?

what exactly do you want to refresh?

I want to reload/refresh the page completely (UI.getCurrent().page.reload()). Images sometimes does not load, or only a part of them is loaded. In the attached image the bike in the middle is not shown at all. Not sure why, could be the local cache in iOS safari, but I think UI.getCurrent().page.reload() would fix it.

…another sample. I could not find out why the loading stops (not a network issue)

Do you see any errors in the dev console log or network panel?

@secure-leopard Yes! Seems to be something on the server side.

Images are in DB. Code to generate image:

I had a similar issue. Is it possible that the component showing the image is closed somehow?

can show some code

I don’t think so. Created a bug report:

Could be a duplicate of:

Both “issues” are not related