PWA and how will it work on Apple smartphone/ iOS


I found PWA to be a big thing and easy to develop mobile apps.
I tried out the demos (Expense-Manager and Parking ticket) and my own Hello-World as well
They worked very easily and beautifully on Android.

But will it be equally easy on Apple/ iOS?

I wanted to propose development using Vaadin, but then had to stop short, to confirm.

Maximum end users of my mobile application are in the USA and use Apple smart phones.


Short answer is that yes, PWA should work also with newest versions of iOS, i.e. 11.3. Atleast the basic features are there.

Note, PWA is technology agnostic meta term. The minimum definition means that its a responsive design, has a service worker for minimal offline support and manifest (so that it can be installed on home screen with icon provided from manifest). On top of that HTML5, browsers provide various mobile features that can be used. Good example is that with Android there is a bit better access to phone hardware features like Bluetooth than with iOS.